Winter Games Challenge Train like a champion

The time has finally come: the 2018 Winter Games.

This year, the 23rd winter games will be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea.  We thought it would be a great idea to challenge ourselves while watching this year’s games. Instead of drooling over our favorite athletes (Hi, Shaun White!) from the comfort of our couches, we thought it would be fun to get up and get active!

Every time you hear one of the trigger words or events mentioned below, do the corresponding exercise.  You will be off your bum and burning those cals in no time!

10 Burpees

GIF Courtesy of Live Strong

GIF Courtesy of Live Strong

For every time a world record is set, complete 10 burpees.  While burpees aren’t typically a fan favorite, they are a great exercise to target the full body in just one rep.

Tip: Can’t seem to master the exercise? Modify it! Instead of jumping initially like the model, simply raise your arms above your head then follow into the push up.  You can still receive similar results with out that extra pep in your step!

15 Lunges

Photo courtesy of iForm

Photo courtesy of iForm

Every time something goes wrong (which we hope isn’t too often), complete 15 lunges.  Alternate legs after every lunge, making sure you bend your leg into a 90 degree angle without your knee over your toes.  Increase your difficulty level by adding weights or a jump in between lunges!

30 Russian Twists

Photo Courtesy of Life Spartan

Every time the country Russia is announced, either by an announcer or a commentator, complete 30 Russian twists.  Start with your bum on the floor and legs slightly raised creating a V-shape with the body.  With your hands clasped, twist to one side and touch the floor.  Alternate to the opposite side while keeping your chest up.  Every time you time you twist, that’s one.  Keep going until you hit 30!

Tip: For an extra challenge, feel free to add some extra weight.  A medicine ball is perfect, but dumbbells can work just fine!

15 Pushups

Photo Courtesy of Diet Detective

Complete 15 pushups every time a torch is lit.  See the burn, feel the burn!

Try and keep your spine as straight as possible, keep those hands underneath your shoulders, and bring your elbows to a 90 degree angle.  Really try to touch your nose to the floor with each rep.  Need a little assistance? No shame in that! Put your knees on the floor but continue to keep your back perfectly aligned.  As long as you keep your core tight and form correct, you’re definitely not cheating.

25 Mountain Climbers

Photo Courtesy of Nutrain

Every time an athlete holds their country’s flag behind their shoulders, complete 25 mountain climbers.  The trick to this exercise is to try and maintain a stable position without lifting that booty up.  Think of it as a simple plank with a little extra oomph in it! Check out the tons of different variations of this exercise on Women’s Health!

Tip: Try using a resistance band like the image above.  You’ll feel the burn in your core and your legs!

20 Sit-ups

Photo Courtesy of 0-6 Pack Abs

You heard us! 2o sit-ups every time an athlete mentions their mom or their family.  And no, we’re am not talking about crunches!

Start lying on the floor, knees bent so the soles of your feet are touching the floor, and hands behind your head.  Aim to get your shoulders off the floor, eventually touching your chest to your thighs.  It’s also important to make sure that you keep space between your chin and chest.  Trust us, these will not be easy, but you’ll get that good type of burn that you’ll be feeling for days to come.

15 Tricep Dips

For every time you hear a country that you and your family have lineage from, complete 15 tricep dips.  Although the triceps are a smaller muscle group in the arms, it’s important that you give them just as much love as your biceps and shoulders.  Find a coffee table, chair, or anything in between, placing your feet on the floor and your hands on the furniture.  Bend your arms to a 90 degree angle, and there you have it, one tricep dip complete!

10 Squats

Photo Courtesy of The Bod

Every time you hear the country you are cheering for, do 10 squats.  There are tons of different variations of this exercise, so pick your favorite, and complete 10 reps.  Women’s Health also offers some amazing tips and tricks that are great for everyone (including you too, fellas). Time to get those booty gains, people!

Child’s Pose

Photo Courtesy of Tribal Yoga

During every commercial break, give yourself a moment of zen and stretch your body into child’s pose (it might help to put the TV on mute as well).  Child’s pose helps to stretch out the hips, thighs, and ankles, while also relieving stress and fatigue.  As with every exercise, there is variation to this pose.  Reach your arms out in front for that extra stretch in your arms, or relax your arms beside you to relieve any tension.  You can do this for as long or short as you need; you are guaranteed to feel good afterward.

We hope you’re feeling a bit more energized and motivated after this challenge!  Keep in mind, you can complete challenges like this one with almost any TV show and sub in your own rules.

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