The Ultimate 4th Of July Workout Playlist Get Hyped for Independence Day

With 4th of July around the corner, now is the time to get some last-minute workouts in before the big day of BBQ and beers. There’s no better way to get hyped for Independence Day than with a playlist that gets the patriotism flowing and squats going.

We’ve curated the perfect list of tunes – new and old – to get you through your workout and cool down properly.

Check out our playlist and scroll down to the bottom to access all the songs on Spotify:

The Warm-Up

Born in the USA – Bruce Springsteen

Classic Springsteen will get your heartbeat going and get you pumped for your workout and for the 4th of July.

California Love – Original Mix [Explicit] – 2Pac, Dr. Dre, Roger

Head on over the the West Coast for some classic beats about the sunny state of California and while keeping your BPM high with this fun track.

Cardio Killer 

American Idiot [Explicit] – Green Day

Let Green Day’s famous song keep you inspired. This is the perfect track for some high intensity cardio. Burn those calories!

New York City – The Chainsmokers

Keep the cardio going! Let the Chainsmokers’ ode to the Big Apple push you through the toughest part of your cardio.

Kids in America – Kim Wilde

Nothing like a good throwback and an ode to the freedom of childhood and growing up. Keep the intensity up!

American Girl – Tom Petty

It’s not a USA-themed playlist without a little bit of Petty, of course. This is perfect song to listen to while kicking back with a drink on the 4th and while kicking some butt at the gym beforehand.

Home Stretch

We Didn’t Start the Fire – Billy Joel

Brush up on your American history with Billy Joel’s classic track. Bonus: Practice the lyrics during your workout and wow your friends with your knowledge of 20th century history on the big day.

Surfin’ in the USA – Beach Boys

Channel some beach vibes at the gym while working on your killer beach bod! There is nothing more classic than the Beach Boys.

Paul Revere – Beastie Boys

This Beastie Boys’ track is as entertaining as the beats are motivating. Even though the lyrics tell a fictional story, the nod to Paul Revere is certainly a patriotic move. Keep up the hard work! You’re almost done with your workout.

Homecoming (feat. Chris Martin) [Explicit] – Kanye West

Fun fact – this song is about Kanye’s hometown, Chicago, also fondly known as “Chi-Town.” Finish your workout strong during this song! The cool down is right around the corner.

Cool Down

American Boy (feat. Kanye West) – Estelle

Let your BPM lower while cooling down to Estelle and Kanye’s chill beats. We know that Estelle is technically British, but this song is about her infatuation with an American boy, who she was dating while writing the track.

I Love the USA – Weezer

Stretch out to classic American band, Weezer’s, patriotic track, fresh off their latest album. Fun fact: they were commissioned by Apple and NASA to write this song and commemorate the spacecraft, Juno’s, mission to Jupiter on the 4th of July last year.

Now that you’ve finished your workout, you can treat yourself to all the awesome 4th of July treats. See your favorite patriotic tune missing on this list? Tweet us at @66Audio with your favorite 4th of July songs to get you pumped for Independence Day. Don’t forget to access the full playlist (below) exclusively on Spotify!