The 10 Best Running Shoes We Asked the Experts

We can all agree that running shoes are the most essential item in every runner’s closet.

The only issue is, with all the different brands circling the internet, how do we know which shoes are the absolute best for running? We’ve decided to get to the bottom of this and ask the experts – our influencers – which shoe they trust the most. These guys and gals run like nobody’s business and make running their business.

Our influencers obviously have great taste in headphones (wink), so we know that the shoes they pick will be the best of the best.

Check out their following choices and you, too, can run a mile (or ten) in their favorite shoes:

Melissa WilliamsBest running shoes

Melissa’s Pick: Asics Gel DS Trainer 

Why She Loves Them: “I Do 80% of my training runs in Asics, I’ve worn them since I began running in High School. Once you find a brand that takes care of you while training and racing — well, it’s hard to run away from them!”

You can follow Melissa here for more running inspo.


Oliver CuasonBest Running Shoes

Oliver’s Pick: Hoka One One Claytons

Why He Loves Them: “I love running in my Hoka Claytons because it’s responsive to every step while giving me enough cushion and support through the runs.”

You can follow Oliver here for all things triathalon!


Alissa CoffmanBest Running Shoes

Alissa’s Pick: Saucony Kinvara 8

Why She Loves Them: “I love them because they provide enough cushioning without looking bulky and they are super lightweight! I have them in marled black and they look stylish and still match everything! (I’m very particular about my running outfits).”

Follow Alissa’s running journey here (she recently completed the Boston Marathon!).


Jessica Tondrejessica

Jessica’s Pick: Hoka One One Arahi

Why She Loves Them: “I love these shoes because they offer lightweight stability (7.6 ounces, Women’s size 7) and have a super wide toe box. Both of which help my overpronation issue.”

You can follow Jessica here or check out her blog to follow her journey through life and fitness!


Veronika AgogaBest Running Shoes

Veronika’s Pick: New Balance Vazee Rush

Why She Loves Them: “I love any New Balance shoes! I use their road and trail shoes because they are comfy and make me feel like I’m running in slippers. Even when I run 100km races in rain and mud, I never get any blisters at all!

You can follow Veronika here for running and nutrition tips.


Eric JohnsonEric

Eric’s Pick: LUNA Leadville Gordo Sandal

Why He Loves Them: “My favorite shoe to run in is actually a sandal. My favorite model is the Leadville Gordo made by Luna Sandals with traditional leather laces. They are my favorite beacuse they are versatile on trail as well as road; super comfy and long lasting.”

You can follow Eric here for running #views and inspo.


Christina KostourosChristina

Christina’s Pick: Mizuno Wave Riders

Why She Loves Them: “My favorite running shoe is the Mizuno Wave Riders (currently I’m wearing the 18). I love them because they never need to be broken in. They feel awesome on my feet from day one. They are very lightweight and they come in cool colors.”

You can follow Christina here for awesome running and fitness shots.


Jill KuhnBest Running Shoes

Jill’s Pick: Zoot Laguna

Why She Loves Them: “I am a triathlete and find this shoe to be a good multi-purpose shoe that offers stability and excellent arch support. It has great cushioning and is responsive to change in movement. An added bonus is the sock-like lining that seems to be moisture wicking and helps prevent blisters.”

You can follow Jill here for some serious fitness inspo.


Sergio GaytanBest Running Shoes

Sergio’s Pick: Newton Gravity

Why He Loves Them: “I love the responsiveness of the Gravity Shoe, it feels like a trampoline action-reaction. And the Lugs in the outer sole help me be aware of a proper mid-foot landing. That helps me avoid injuries due to bad form or heel landing.”

You can follow Sergio here to check out his triathalon journey!


Scott EichstaedtBest Running Shoes

Scott’s Pick: Hoka One One Bondi 5

Why He Loves Them: “I love this shoe as it is the right shoe for me. It is not only super light, but also provides the extra cushioning and support that my feed need.”

Follow Scott here for all of his running adventures.


Now that you have the right tools to conquer the streets – or the trails – check out our Running for Beginners guide to get your feet off the ground and get running. If you’re looking to revamp your running style, check out our new BTS Pro, an essential for your next run. Don’t see your favorite running shoe on this list? Be sure to tweet us at @66Audio. We would love to hear your picks!