Spring Back into Shape for Summer With Ricky Warren

Winter can be harsh – stiff muscles, joint pains, and cracked lips aren’t exactly enjoyable. But, we cope anyway… most of us can be found huddled under blankets with heaters maxed out.

But, fear not! Spring is here (Finally).

Now that the sun has woken up, so shall we! Springtime is an important period of the year, symbolizing new beginnings and vigor of life. If you are finding it hard to get back into the flow of things, Ricky Warren, Head Coach and Founder of www.BodyweightGurus.com has a few tips and tricks you can use to coax yourself out of hibernation:


That winter diet of warm carbs and fats was great to protect your organs during winter, but now we need to switch to some foods to help wake you up and get started. Food first, action after. Nourish yourself with some (or all) of the below for an energy boost:


A high source of protein, fat, and carbs all in one. Fun fact: nuts can also lower your risk of heart disease and cancer.


Fruits aren’t just delicious, their fructose gives a slower energy release than refined sugar. Plus, there’s tons of vitamins and minerals packed into them!

Lemon Water 

Lemon water is a quick fix to help with detoxifying and maintaining electrolyte balance. Looking for some inspiration? Livestrong.com offers a great Liver Detox with lemon water.


Did you know that we are the only mammals who do not stretch regularly? Think about a dog or a cat every time it gets up! Stretching is the inherent foundation for developing healthy exercise habits. Try the following to loosen up your hips, lower back, and legs:

Hip Flexor Stretch: Removes lower back pain and opens hips.

Hamstring Stretch: Improves straight leg mobility.


Glute Stretch: Improves bent leg mobility.


Lat Stretch: Improves back and spine mobility.



Now that you are energized, mobile, and (hopefully) ache-free, we need to begin to move your muscles. This starts an important process in the body, which increases metabolic rate, hormonal adaptation, and systemic fluidity. Once you start moving and burning energy, your body will adapt and begin to rewire itself for continuous activity in line with the longer days the sun gives us. Try the following for your “getting back into it” period:

Candlestick: Reactivates the core.


TRX Pull Jumps: Reactivates the legs and back.



Wall Handstand: Reactivates the spine and shoulders.


Tiger Pushups: Reactivates the arms.






With these tools, you will be walking with that extra spring in your step in no time! With summer right around the corner, it is never too early to get back into shape to prep for all the fun outdoor activities that come with the summer months. If you try out any of Ricky’s tips, please be sure to tweet us at @66Audio to show us what you’ve got!

About Our Guest Blogger:

Ricky Warren is the founder of Bodyweight Gurus, a gym offering bodyweight, calisthenics, personal training, and Yoga classes aimed at increasing sustainable fitness.

Check out his Calisthenics 101 course on Udemy and his killer blog.

Ricky has been practicing bodyweight exercise and mixed martial arts for over 25 years since the age of 7, more recently specializing in Calisthenics and Yoga since 2012. As well as teaching internationally, he works on a variety of projects and media productions with brands such as Adidas and Reebok, as well as being listed in the global top 30 fitness charts for Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Livestrong, Huffington Post, and many more.

Other projects include regularly judging at competitions, writing articles and working on projects with other athletes and fitness professionals from across the globe. He is a fully qualified personal trainer and holds a Bachelors degree in Biology from the University of London.

Ricky’s coaching style is based on form, precision, and alignment. He uses in-depth knowledge of human biomechanics and technique to ensure maximum performance and is also well versed in physiotherapy and rehabilitation techniques. His contacts extend from the some of world’s leading athletes to fitness gyms, equipment manufacturers, nutritional product manufacturers and more.