7 Ways to Stay Active this Holiday Weekend Get Ready to Get Moving

Brace yourself: a three day weekend is upon us. This means you get another day to do whatever you want, BUT this also means you’re off your regular routine an extra day. Studies show that the weekend is the time that most people binge eat – which throws off all the hard work you’ve done during the week. Of course, it is always good to treat yo’ self (check out our last blog post about cheat meals), but there can be too much of a good thing. Let’s make a pact to stay active this weekend! It’s good for you and – as you’ll see below – and it can also be fun.

Here are 7 ways YOU can stay active this weekend:

1. Get in a longer workout

being active

One extra day = 24 more priceless gym hours. During the week, we’re always so pressed for time to fit in a workout or a yoga sesh. An extra day off gives us plenty of more time to burn some additional calories or work on building those muscles. You won’t be rushed by deadlines or after-school pickups, so run that extra mile! Why not?

2. Go out dancing

being active

Going out on the town is often associated with over-indulging, be it ordering calorie-rich bar food or drinking your weight in alcoholic beverages. However, many bars and clubs have an awesome opportunity to get your heartbeat going – a dance floor! Thirty minutes of dancing can burn between 180 and 266 calories. It doesn’t matter if you’re a prima ballerina or stepping on the floor for the first time, dancing will bring you plenty of health benefits and leave you happier than when you started.

3. Ditch your car – ride a bike!

Being Active

We get it – even on a long weekend, there are plenty of errands to get done in preparation for the upcoming week. Why not ditch your car and take your bike out for a spin? If you’re lucky enough to live in a warmer climate during this time of year, a bike ride to the store is a perfect opportunity to enjoy your neighborhood from a new perspective while working up a sweat. Don’t have a bike? There are plenty of ways, especially in bigger cities, to rent one. Check out the Santa Monica Bike Share as an example. A rental bike is a quick Google search away!

4. Get your friends to join in!

being active

Whether its a friendly match of beach volleyball or a grueling game of touch football, getting your friends in the game is an easy and fun way to get your heartbeat going. The options are endless: golf, tennis, basketball, rugby, and even bowling provide some awesome opportunities to stay off the couch and get moving.

5. Spring cleaning

being active

Out with the old, in with the new! With the new year in full swing, now is the time to spruce up your pad and get rid of the leftover filth of 2016. A half hour of heavy cleaning can burn between 135 and 200 calories. A great work out and a clean house? Win, win.

6. Embrace your inner Indiana Jones

being active

The great outdoors are waiting! Hiking is a fantastic option to get out and get moving. No matter where you live, we bet there are plenty trails and parks for you to take advantage of. Find the state park nearest to you here. And if you live in Los Angeles, check out our suggestions for the top 11 hikes in your area.

7. Try out that new recipe you’ve been eyeing

being active

Wait, cooking? That’s right! The actual act of cooking is a fantastic calorie burner. Just 30 minutes in the kitchen will burn between 75 and 111 calories! So take out your spiralizer and frying pan and get to work. Pro tip: invite your friends over to taste test so you’ll be less tempted to do all the tasting yourself.

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