Essentials for What to Wear Running Must-Haves to Stay Warm!

Baby, it’s gettin’ cold outside! We get it, those harsh winter winds and slippery snow make for easy excuses to skip runs during the winter, but no excuses! Of course, you don’t want to miss a workout, but a fun fact to get your butt off the cozy couch and into the elements: the cold actually torches away those calories faster than the heat does! Your body has to work extra hard (aka burn extra calories) just to keep itself warm in the cold. Okay, so definitely no excuses now!

Now that we’ve convinced you to get movin’, the question is what to wear running in this kind of weather?? Gearing up correctly is definitely important. As a general rule, you’ll want to dress 25 degrees warmer than what it is outside. Why? You need to make sure to account for the rise in body temperature during running and the fall after. Avoid over heating or having your sweat freeze to your skin by decking out layers of sweat-wicking materials. The material will keep repel the sweat, and the layers will keep you warm while allowing you to adjust easily on the fly. So before you set out into the cold unknown, check out our list of what to wear running to keep you warm from head to toe as you attempt to stay in shape during the holidays!

We’ll start building your winter gear from the bottom up. First off, you’re gonna have to put away your favorite summer running shoes for the season. Tragedy, we know, BUT you’ll be thanking us when your feet aren’t frozen by the end of your run. Opt for running shoes with the least amount of mesh because that’s a sure way to keep out wind, rain, or snow! Try the Ultra MT Gore-tex from North Face for a comfortable fit and a good grip out on the roads or trails. If it’s especially icy where you live, try adding Yaktrax Run Straps to your running shoe ammo to avoid falling victim to the pesky ice.

Your next line of defense are your socks, so choose wisely. Our hands down favorite are Smartwool PhD Outdoor Heavy Crew socks, guaranteed to keep your little piggies warm while keeping moisture out – even if you run through a puddle! These socks are built to preform at the highest degree (get the PhD part now?), going above and beyond with custom design venting and fit to everyone’s needs. They’re essential for what to wear running in the cold!

Next up is to protect your legs; you know… those things you rely on from the moment you leave your home? When running in the harsh elements, the focus needs to be on keeping your muscles warm. For your legs, it’s best to pick up some high quality compression leggings that will ensure blood flow to vital muscles. If you’re new to winter running, we feel obligated to give you this disappointing PSA: the cute leggings girls wear daily aren’t gonna cut it, sorry. Try Under Armour cold-weather compression leggings instead. You can forget getting cold with these bad boys. Your mind will be free to think about that summer bod you’ll be rocking at the holiday parties!

Top layers are your best friend during the winter season, even if you live in a normally warm place (yes, this includes us in California!). We’ll start with the inner layer and work our way out. Not to sound like a broken record, but sweat-wicking is a must. You still want something light and comfortable, though, to avoid moving like a poofy marshmallow out in the cold. Ibex Woolies 2 Zip T-Neck is one of our favorites – it has a comfortable fit, natural SPF, and stays fresh on your longest runs. Plus, if it’s extra windy out, zip up the turtleneck and keep your neck warm and protected!

The next layer for what to wear running? The very important outer shell! Jack Frost might be nipping at your nose, but let him stop there unless you want to be a snowman yourself. We suggest shopping around until you find an outer layer that’s comfortable to move around in and will protect you from the unforgiving cold winds. The Outdoor Research Deviator Hoody is perfect for protecting you from a wide range of winter temps. The inside is insulated to keep that much needed warmth in, then the wind blocking effects seal the deal. If the sun does manage to break through and temps rise, don’t worry, the hoody is still breathable and won’t cause you to drown in your sweat.

Now, if you intend to avoid frostbite and keep all your fingers this winter, it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a great pair of warm running gloves. The worst feeling next to numb icy toes, is the awful hand cramps that render your digits useless until you run them under hot water. Our personal favorite is Saucony’s Utimate Touch-Tek Glove, which not only keep our hands warm, but have the best conductive finger tips to change up our music whenever we like. Plus you can get extra use out of these at that annual snowball fight!

Our list for what to wear running wouldn’t be complete without some gadgets! We can’t forget to track our run, steps, and calories we burn. That’s the whole point of enduring the cold, right? So don’t forget your hi-tech watch or fitness tracker to record all of this useful data. For the winter time we find the Garmin Vivosmart HR+ especially useful. It is swim-friendly so the snowfall or rain won’t put a damper on this one. You’ll receive GPS tracking, pace, calories, activity intensity, and heart rate all on the convenience of your wrist.

It’s really impossible for us to work out anytime without some music motivation, especially during the coldest months of the year. The all new BTS Pro offers cutting edge technology and unmatched sound quality, while staying put on your ears as you go over the hills and through the snow. The over the ear fit will keep your ears covered, but not over-heated with sweat-wicking ear pads to keep sweat off your skin. With record breaking Bluetooth range, patented Find My Headphones technology, and an epic battery life of 40+ hours, these are the perfect headphones to accompany you on that long winter run!

Started from the bottom now we’re here! Last and certainly not least, you gotta keep that noggin of yours warm. This might sound fancy, but trust us – check out the Kora Yak Wool Esker Hat, made out of some of the finest yak wool that has remarkable temperature-regulating properties. Forget those bulky hats that heat you up like a raging winter fire, this one is lightweight and will fit comfortably under your helmet or hood.

There you go! We’ve got you completely covered from head to toe with what to wear running this winter. Never step out into the cold unprepared again! Now go outside and get your run on so you can sit by the fire with your cup of hot chocolate guilt-free. Have more gadgets or gear that are your saving grace during the winter? Let us know your essentials for what to wear running by tweeting us at @66audio!