9 Epic You Can Do It Quotes Guaranteed to Get You Up and Moving!

Let’s be honest, getting out of bed in the morning isn’t always the easiest of tasks. More often than we’d like to admit, we wake up exhausted, unmotivated and uninspired. Unless you’re the energizer bunny (and props if you are!). But just cause you wake up feeling a little down or grumpy, it’s no excuse to skip your workout! No one is on their a-game every day, but working out will put you in a better mood anyway, so get to it!

Still need a little extra motivation or inspiration? Not to worry — we’ve compiled a list of our favorite You Can Do It quotes to motivate you through anything! Get ready to keep that fire going in you with these amazing hand-picked motivational quotes for any situation you could possibly be going through.

All us trail runners can take this one literally… We don’t believe you if you say you’ve never tripped over a root or rock out on the trails! Really, this applies to any athletic activity, because we’re also very open to admitting to falling off the treadmill. More than once. So if you’ve fallen recently, literally or figuratively, this is the you can do it quote for you! There’s something to learn for every failed attempt — not to give up! Let what you learn push you to work harder, dream bigger, and ignite that fire within you.


Pele is certainly no stranger to success! We can only imagine the hours of dedication it took to become Pele, the soccer’s all-time leading goal-scorer. The sacrifice of time and the love of the game is what made him so great, so yes, we’ll take it straight from the horse’s mouth. Maybe it’s a change of perspective you need. If you love what you do, it’ll never feel like just a chore you need to get out of the way. Read his quote over and over until you remember that!

For the woman that won FIFA World Player of the Year, top national goal-scorer, and two time Olympic gold medalist, settling was never an option. Abby has followed success after success by choosing to be better than she was the day before. Look at this motivational quote when you’re struggling to finish that bonus rep. Keep digging deeper within and who knows, you might be surprised by what you’re capable of. But you’ll never know if you don’t try!

Manny Pacquiao certainly has overcome many challenges in his life and career. Being the only eight-division world champion, he’s risen to every challenge put before him. While your challenge might not be throwing and dodging the good ol’ one-two, whatever it may be, welcome it. Check out this you can do it quote for those moments you feel like your obstacles are too big to overcome. Discover your real strength and there’s no telling how far you’ll go!

At nineteen years old, Katie Ledecky holds three world records, five Olympic gold medals, and is a nine-time world champion. People counting you out because of your age or something else out of your control? Just look to Katie and her words! If you don’t believe you can achieve your goals, well you’ve already lost half the battle. Be your own number one fan! Cheer yourself on to success and don’t look back!

No surprises here — the GOAT knows no limits. And just cause you’re not the best hooper of all time, doesn’t mean you should limit yourself either! Your only limits in life are what you set for yourself. Never forget that when you think you can’t do something! If you need help, read Jordan’s words to yourself on repeat! Expect the unexpected and always know there is a solution. If you run into a wall, think how can you climb it, go through it, or around it. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Greatness can be found in every walk of life, from the artist to the athlete. Some stand out and others don’t. What separates the two? Honing your craft and not relying on natural talent! Sure, Jeter and the other greats have talent, but they also put in the work while others get content. Challenge yourself to never be complacent because that’s when all motivation fades away. Take Jeter’s inspiring you can do it quote for some extra motivation to work whenever you need it!

This quote is best for those who don’t care to beat around the bush when they need an extra push. The best training seshs are the ones that have you gasping for air, crawling on the floor, asking yourself how the hell you just survived that. When you push yourself just a little bit further, that’s when you start smashing your goals and becoming better than you were the day before. So what are you waiting for? Get to grinding and don’t stop when the going gets hard!

Is there someone in your life trying to knock you down? Yes? Good. Those people are the best type of people to motivate you. Channel your inner Kobe and let the haters hate and motivate you! Instead of taking the time to listen to them, get out there, shine, and prove their small minds wrong. If they’re jealous it’s only because they can’t do what you can. With each success remember to tell them, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Put some pep into your step the next time you’re struggling to get that workout in or motivation to continue. Have other you can do it quotes that help you through anything? Tweet us at @66Audio and we may feature your quote!