14 Fitness Holiday Gift Ideas For Every Fit Person in Your Life

Now that Halloween has passed, the holidays are well under way and the next time you blink Thanksgiving will be here. Blink again and then it’s Christmas and Hanukkah! That means it’s time to start thinking about gifts for all the special people in your life now!

We get it, gift giving isn’t always the easiest task. That’s why we’re here to help with a list of the best presents to get the active people in your life (which is everyone, right??). Whether your active and fit loved ones are into tech, concocting the newest recipe in the kitchen, or just a wild spirit that you can’t reign in, we covered them all!

For the fancy, healthy cook that has run out of creative meal ideas, check out this hysterical cookbook, Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck. Not only will they say goodbye to boring meals, but also, boring cookbooks. Fair warning: there’s a bit of “strong” language to say the least, but this is by far the best vegan cookbook on the market. Not vegan? Still a great option because these meals are jammed packed with so much flavor you won’t feel like you’re missing anything. If you’re still not sold, check out their website for a teaser. From Barnes & Nobles for $16

For that thirsty friend (wink) who’s been in search for a water bottle that will actually keep their water cold without a steep price point, look no further. Polar Bottle has various size options, but the best part is you can specialize this gift and give the recipient a one-of-a-kind custom water bottle. Polar Bottle allows you to put any logo or art on the water bottle for a truly personalized product. From Polar Bottle, price varies on design.

For the one who’s always on the run, anyone who has taken their own yoga mat to class without a strap or a bag knows just how awkward it feels to carry. With the Gaiam duffle bag, the days of worrying about that are over because not only is there a convenient spot in this bag for the mat, but with the extra room you can pack you towel, water, and change of clothes! Give your yogi friend the gift of convenience this holiday season. From Gaiam for $40

For the one taking the road less traveled on the trails, load them up with the CamelBak Bootlegger pack so they can stay hydrated no matter how far they venture. The greatest thing about this pack is how low-profile it is. You can load it up with 1.5 liters of water and it still can easily fit under a jacket if need be. Suited for cold-weather and carefully manufactured for a secure and bounce-free fit, they’ll hardly know it’s there! From CamelBak for $55

For the man in your life. Who said underwear couldn’t be a great gift? Your man won’t be giving you the side-eye when he unwraps this present. Give the gift of comfort this season to any guy in your life. Whether they’re going for a jog or just lounging around the house, these are the most comfortable underwear out there. They’re sweat sickening for those active times, but for every other occasion, they’re super breathable and uber comfortable. Plus, they come in a variety of fun and exciting prints! From Pair of Thieves for $20

For the fashion forward adventurer. Here’s the perfect gift for that adventurous soul in your life and hey maybe that’s you – why not treat yourself this season too? Timberland Stormbook boots are for the men and their equivalent for women are the Bramhall. These boots can handle the wear and tear of the toughest mountains, but the use doesn’t end there. These are the sturdiest and most stylish boots out on the market. Not only can you go for a hike, but bundle up with a cozy flannel and complete your winter outfit with these boots. From Timberland for $150

For the ones that run in the rain or snow (we all know that Los Angeles doesn’t get seasons, but to help everyone else in the country out), we found the best warm up and training jacket for the winter. The Nike Therma-Sphere Max Training Jacket boasts breathable warmth, so even when layered up and running through the snow, this jacket will not make you feel claustrophobic. Rain or snow, it’ll weather the storm and keep you dry no matter what winter throws your way. Find this winter must-have from Nike for $185.


For any active woman in your life, or one that just likes wearing comfortable leggings (it’s okay we don’t judge), snag a pair of MPG Sport’s center leggings before they’re all gone. From the mesh ventilation to the stylish patterns, these are go-anywhere leggings. In addition to the awesome look and feel, what truly does it for us is the invisible back waistband pocket and the reflective matter for those late night runs. From MPG Sport for $76.

For the avid yogi, not just any mat will do when practicing yoga regularly, especially when practicing hot yoga (after all, the whole point is to sweat more). Do you know how slippery the mats can get? Manduka developed a mat that repels sweat and has a strong grip to eliminate all worries of sliding on the mat. Kiss the days of the mat soaking up sweat goodbye with its sweat repellent layer! Hands down the best mat for the yogi in your life. From Manduka directly starting at $108

For the primal trainer looking to spice up the feel of a home gym with these atypical kettle bells. Help someone in your life tap into the primordial instinct during their workouts to take things one step further. If the unique designs on these kettle bells don’t inspire you to max out, nothing well. From Onnit starting at $42.95

For those up for a different challenge, building up your balance is not as easy as it looks. This makes the perfect gift because balance can improve all aspects of life: body awareness, coordination, power, agility, and joint stability to name a few. This balance board exceeds others by reducing the chances of injury while balancing because the board does not actively roll on the cushion. Feel like you are hangin’ ten with this fun workout! Directly from Indo for $189.95


For the constant on-the-go fit friend that can’t seem to make it to the gym as much as they’d like to. Bring the gym to them this holiday with a full resistant band package or a TRX – both provide compact, travel-friendly, full body workouts. Use X-Bands to switch up a lifting routine by burning a lot of rubber (and fat!) by giving their muscles a shock with a new type of workout. While on the go, you can also strap the TRX on to any hotel room door and get a full body weight routine in without having to leave the comfort of your room! Get a full set of resistance bands from X-Bands for $69.99

For the music junkie that needs their tunes in and out of the gym, make their life complete with the BTS Pro Bluetooth headphones with ground breaking technology. Beating the industry standard of 35ft Bluetooth range at a mind blowing 100ft, move freely without having worry about connection or wires. Never worry about your music dying mid-workout with the 40+ hour battery life on these bad boys. These headphones have the ultimate comfort with new, slim memory foam ear pads, sweat proof and lightweight design to keep up with any activity, and MotionControl smart app. From 66 Audio for $129.99

For the fitness photographer that wants to capture their own action shots, the GoPro is the perfect size camera to take anywhere! Never miss out on capturing epic adventures in stunning 4k quality. Take slow-mo video or high frame rate shots during races or workouts. Put the compact camera in your pocket and hit the ground running ready to take a snap of your next big move using voice control. Directly from GoPro for $399.99

From our family to ours we hope you have the best holidays! Have other gift ideas you think others must know about?  Tweet us @66Audio to let us know.