21 of the Best Rap Workout Songs Exercise Music You NEED

If you mean business, you workout won’t be a walk in the park. And you might not always have a clear mind when you step into a gym, but that’s okay. Angry? Frustrated? Or just not seeing results? Get mad and be angry! Just let all those emotions fuel your workout! To help you keep focused even more, we made an irresistible playlist of the best rap workout songs your ears will ever hear. We collected the top hits from four of our favorite rap kings to bring you two hours of continuous beats that will put you on the top of your game in the gym.



Yes, we know, Drake songs are slow and sappy. But not these 5 jams! It may be rare for Drake to make good pump up songs, but when he does, they’re must-listens. With these tracks, you’ll be ready to go from 0 to 100 real quick and kill any workout, which is why they HAD to be on our playlist of the best rap workout songs.

Draft Day

When you’re feeling on top of your game and ready for the big leagues this song will sum up your feelings. Throw this track on when you walk into the gym and get pumped. These beats aren’t for playing games.

I’m Going In

For this track Drake partnered up with Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy to bring you the song to throw on when nothing seems to be going your way. Instead of being a sensitive Drake meme, beat those emotions out into your workout. Lift weights or run your sprints like you own the place.


The song sums up “doing you” better than anything else we’ve heard. Throw this one on your list of good pump up songs to always remember why you’re working out. Keep doing everything for you and you only. You have nothing to prove when it comes to what others think of you.


Already forgot what the haters are saying? Perfect, cause it’s time to crank the volume as high as it can go for this track. Pump that iron hard!

Stay Schemin ft. Rick Ross

This might be Rick Ross’ song, but Drake makes it epic. Use this track to get in the zone and pace your reps. This strong steady beat will get you through any set of lifting. It also doesn’t hurt to listen to the lyrics and feel like a badass!


Known as one of the best rappers of all time, Em’s music will get you through even the toughest of boot camp style workouts. Just when you feel like you can’t do anymore, you’ll lose yourself in his music and let it take control. Not many consistently crank out top pump up songs like Marshall Mathers can!

Renegade – Jay Z. ft. Eminem

Hear from not just one, but two of the best rappers of all time. If Eminem AND Hov are on a track, you know it has to be fire. Please, give us one good reason this one shouldn’t be on your playlist of the best rap workout songs.

Kill You

Whether you want to kill a punching bag to beat out that anger or lift weights until you can’t anymore, this is the perfect song for that occasion. Really catering to all that pent up angry energy, press play on this song and watch every feeling spill out.

Won’t Back Down ft. Pink

Bet you didn’t expect to see Pink on a rap list, but before you skip over this song give it a listen. These two created a dynamic track that is everything you love about rap with a slight rock twist.

The Way I Am

This song is perfect for when you end up at the gym because you’re stressing. The lyrics couldn’t speak to that more if they tried. Be alone in your own head and focus on whatever challenge you have coming your way.

Lose Yourself

You definitely have to have this classic on any list of good pump up songs, no doubt. These lyrics coupled with the aggressive beat are enough to get anyone going. You’re working out for a reason. Give it all you have and lose yourself while getting the job done.

2 Chainz

2 Chainz is our go to rapper to fuel us through interval training or cycling. There’s nothing like a solid rap song to help you get your RPM’s up and feel like a complete badass during any workout. You’ll probably start rapping along to all the lyrics, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Used 2

This track might be three years old, but don’t underestimate its power to get you going. There’s a reason we had to have this on our list. It gets us amped up and ready to take on the world.

I’m Different

Keep a steady to pace to any workout with this song. 2 Chainz is back at it again building those beats to keep all your momentum going.

Spend It

When you are working out, why not act a little cocky? After all, there are so many people choosing to stay at home while you’re out there working. When you need a song to describe all your hard work paying off and feeling like a baller, we 100% recommend this one.

No Lie

Need a song to start get you in the mood for your workout? This song is one of the best pump up songs out there! It’ll have you pumping more iron than you ever thought you could. So keep you head high and get pumped with this 2 Chainz song ft. Drake.

Mercy – Kayne ft. 2 Chainz

We would be doing just a disservice if we didn’t include the one and only Mr. West in any list of top pump up songs. The hip-hop king teams up with multiple rappers to give you a track that with push you to your limits and further. Let all your worries fade away with the help of some Kanye.

Bandz a Make – Juicy J ft. 2 Chainz

If you like to workout to more upbeat dance-inducing tracks, look no further. Seriously, add this to your workout playlist, hit play, and try not to get into this beat. It’ll make you pick up the pace on your bike or give you the energy to make it through the last leg of your workout.


Last but not least, we couldn’t forget all our avid runners out there. We found the perfect tracks to keep those feet moving and feeling like speedy Gonzalez when you are running to these beats. Nas doesn’t fail to give us some of the top running songs.

Hip Hop Is Dead ft. will.i.am

It’s hard not to get off to a good start with the beat to this one. Tune into this track during your warm up to get that blood flowing to get ready for the feat ahead of you. The irony of this hip-hop song’s title is also pretty amusing; this song very much keeps hip-hop alive.

The World Is Yours

For another song that takes a little from the worlds of both rap and hip-hop, this track gives you the perfect combination of the two worlds. With a slower tempo, this is is another one to look to for good warm up songs, or even just for stretching.

Get Down

When you’ve hit the peak of your pace, skip forward to this song – it’ll get your feet moving to match the beat. How could you not feel a PR coming on with this classic from Nas?

Made You Look

Getting a little tired? This song will turn your run around and start making it feeling like a party. Keep pushing yourself with this addicting beat. Leave all the work up to your body and let your feet stride at this pace.


Conquer every step in your run with track. When you don’t feel like you can go any further, let the lyrics of this song tell you otherwise. Your body will carry you, keep your mind from giving up on you by listening to these rhymes.

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