Top 8 Free Workout Spots in LA Your City Is Your Gym

We may be biased, but Los Angeles, California is one of the best fitness cities out there. Not only is L.A. home to some of the best workout studios and the birthplace of many new fitness trends, the city itself is one of the best gyms around. An outdoor (free!) workout spot is only a walk or short drive away, no matter where you are in the city. You just need to know where to go. As California natives we thought we’d give you a little insight to our favorite places. Now that it isn’t scorching hot every day, why not get out on the weekends and enjoy some exercise with a cool crisp fall breeze.

California Coastal Trail: Dockweiler State Beach

If you want to go somewhere, lace up your shoes, and run for miles (literally), this is the perfect place for you! Dockweiler State Beach’s path spans for a total of 22 miles and you’ll have a clear view of the beautiful Pacific for every single one. There’s a very active community doing everything from running, to biking, to rollerblading any given day of the week, making Dockweiler a great place to get active and be around others! If you are looking for a place to run a 5k, this is your strand. Start at the entrance of Dockweiler and run south until you hit 23rd St. Looking for a 10k challenge? It’s as easy as turning around at 23rd St. and finishing where you started (or continue until you reach the end of the strand).

Mount Baldy

Looking to exercise by walking but still want a challenge? Mount Baldy’s trail is unforgiving to the weak and bound to get you sweating right from the start. At 10,064 feet, this is the highest point in Los Angeles County, the highest peak in the San Gabriel range, and the third highest peak in Southern California. This leg-busting and exhilarating loop route features jaw-dropping views and hair-raising ridgeline trails that will make you question whether or not you’re really only an hour from L.A. You won’t see anyone there that isn’t looking for a workout, so this is not the place to go for a walk in the park!

Santa Monica – Plummer Park

If you are looking for a prime location to work on your calisthenics, but don’t want to pay to use Muscle Beach every time, Plummer Park has all the equipment you could ever need. This exercise stations include pull up bars, parallel bars (p-bars), monkey bars and also a Swedish wall. This location is a great choice for freeletics, street fitness, bodyweight training and any other outdoor strength training activities.

Runyon Canyon

This is definitely one of the most popular and most accessible trails to run in L.A. There’s a gently graded paved path for beginners, a rare off-leash dog area for our canine friends and a surprisingly rugged outer loop that will definitely give you a good workout. Yes, there are celebrities hiking the trail – and people who are desperately trying to be celebrities – but even if you don’t see one, you can get the famous Hollywood sign picture! We call that a win-win-win!

Rueben Salazar Park 

This park is one of the many across the Los Angeles county that offers a fitness zone. They are easy-to-use outdoor gyms that bring a new set of healthy activities to the park experience. Fitness zones create a fun, accessible and social environment where people can actually enjoy getting fit. The park provides free access to top-quality exercise equipment suitable for all fitness levels (without the cost of a gym membership!).

PCH, Point Dume – Sand Hill

Thornhill Broome Beach State Park is known for its campgrounds, but it also happens to have what locals refer to as the ‘sand hill.’ Right off of PCH in Malibu near Point Dume, this strenuous incline is essentially a wall of sand and it will kick your butt as you make your way up. Once you reach the top, enjoy the picture perfect views of the Pacific Ocean and a beach breeze to cool you off. You’re also sure to see a celebrity or two getting their burn on right alongside you (talk about motivation)!

Culver City Stairs

The massive stone steps follow a sharp, steep climb to the Baldwin Hills Overlook which is arguably one of the best views in all of Los Angeles. From the ocean to the Hollywood sign, you can see it all!  The stairs are quite challenging and you should expect to hit about 300 of them on your way up. It’s like the good ol’ days of stadium runs from high school sports! Running stairs is one of the best leg workouts that doubles as cardio. Plus, who could say no to the wonders it works on your behind?!

Santa Monica Stairs 

Maybe you want in with the cool kids who’ve been running the Santa Monica Stairs even before it was a thing. Or maybe, you just don’t want to run alone, if so, check out the stairs’ Facebook page to find scheduled runs! It’s easier to get yourself moving when there are others around to motivate you. You’ll never find this place empty during the day so lace up and start climbing the stairs – your butt will thank you later. (Added bonus: the stairs are made of wood so it’s low impact for those of us who don’t have joints of a 15-year old anymore!)

Los Angeles is teeming with places that are just begging to be run. Every where you go in this city you can see someone getting their exercise on, so why aren’t you? Ditch that claustrophobic gym every once in a while and trade it in for the free fresh air this city has to offer. Have your own place you love to go that you feel is underrated? Tweet us @66Audio to share all your favorite spots!