Must-Try LA Fitness Studios The Best Workouts You Can Get!

Let’s be honest, working out isn’t always what gets you pumped to start the day but it’s essential to your health. So why not make working out something to look forward to? Living in sunny Los Angeles, California, there are always new fitness studios popping up everywhere, offering a million unique new ways to kick your butt into shape. If you like traditional exercise classes, we’ve found cycling, yoga, and barre classes that will give you an experience like never before. If you want to try something new, we’ve found everything from aerial yoga to pole dancing. Regardless of what you’re into, get your booty off the couch because these are classes you don’t want to miss!

Playlist Yoga 

If yoga is your cup of tea, but you also have a love for all the latest music hits, this class is for you! Playlist Yoga believes in making your practice upbeat and more dynamic than you ever thought possible. There is a strong belief that music helps you communicate, motivate and express yourself. Did we mention that they have a resident DJ? You know this class is going to be popping. Try out one class for just $25, but if you are a yogi regular and this party sounds like something you’ll want to stick with, the $45 for two weeks unlimited deal is what you’ll want!

Location: 624-A N La Cienega Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069

AIR Aerial Fitness 

We’ve been trying to figure out how to fly since we were little kids. Well, we finally have an answer – with flying yoga! Try a whole new approach to yoga with AIR and you will be finding zen while suspended mid-air or perhaps, upside down! Aerial yoga might look difficult (and honestly pretty intimidating) in photos but our friends at AIR graciously helped us through our first class. Once you get the hang of it, it’s surprisingly easy to look and feel graceful in your silk hammock. Added bonus: this class is guaranteed to make you sore. Aerial yoga is not only fun but a great upper body and ab workout. Try out your first class for only $1! Yes you read that right, so what are you waiting for? Get a group of friends and pop on over to this studio.

Location: 8474 W 3rd St #200, Los Angeles, CA 90048


Here is a class bound to satisfy the avid Southern Californian beach go-er. SUP yoga, which stands for stand up paddleboard, takes you away from the city and out to the water. If you prefer the outdoors compared to a boutique studio or are a yogi trying to switch up your practice, look no further! You might be doing all the same moves as any other yoga practice, but balancing in the water on your paddleboard adds a whole new challenge. Try and practice your vinyasa flow while finding your sea legs! The ocean is your new studio and classes start at $44, equipment included ($30 if you bring your own board).

Location: 13977 Palawan Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292


Have you ever gone to the gym and wished you had a partner to help you push through the hardest part of your workout? Well then, welcome to SoulCycle, the place that thrives on the concept of community workouts. These classes will be the sweatiest party that you have ever been to; nothing like your spin class at the local 24 Hour Fitness. The focus is set on positive reinforcement, so whether you are there to work off a long day at the office or just want to exercise, you’ll be leaving the class feeling better than ever (and with a drenched shirt). Make sure you sign up in advance as these spin classes fill up quick! New classes for the week open at noon every Monday. There’s a reason for all the hype here. Classes start at $35 each.



If you aren’t quite into the hype that is SoulCycle, check out this equally amazing spinning class. Complete with stadium seating, every seat is the best one in the house. You can always up the ante and take part in a little friendly competition by comparing RPM, but we consider anyone who can get through a spin class to begin with a champ! These classes may not be the easiest form of exercise on the list, however, in the span of an hour, spinning will have you burning upwards of 700 calories! What’s not to love about that? Try your first class out for only $25!


Kinetic Cycling

We can’t get enough of spin classes. Kinetic is one of our favorite studios. They have some of the friendliest and most motivational instructors who blast awesome music, complete with music videos on flatscreens in front of you. The spin bikes also have digital monitors, so you can see real-time data on your ride while controlling resistance with a number (as opposed to an approximate number of turns on a dial). Check this spin class out for a more intimate, community feel. Shoe rentals are free for first time riders and your first class is just $15.

Location: 11740 San Vicente Blvd. Suite 202, Los Angeles, CA 90049

Pure Barre

Barre has become a go-to in our workout routine since it hit the mainstream fitness studio scene. Pure Barre is one of our favorite spots to sculpt our bodies. They concentrate on small isometric movements that make you stronger and more toned in all the problem areas. The low impact nature is perfect for anyone recovering from an injury or for those who want to protect their joints. We’re addicted to these classes, and no, you do not have to be a ballet dancer (or anything close to it) for this ballet workout. Check out your local studio for special offers and deals.


Bar Method

Another of our favorite barre studios, Bar Method has some of the most upbeat and excited barre instructors we’ve ever met! Tuck away to upbeat music for your best ballet workout. This studio offers an intimate feel, with only a few locations around LA. Don’t forget to take advantage of their posh locker rooms after you workout! If you don’t have time to pop in to the studio, they also offer online classes for a more cost effective membership.


Lagree Fitness Studio

Fake it till you make it! This class isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you are normally crunched for time and like a challenge when you work out, this 25 minutes pilates class is the right fit for you. Sebastian Legree’s mantra is “if it’s not shaking, it’s not working”. Push your muscles to limits they never thought they would see. Though these classes are intense, they are a great option for those in need of a low-impact exercise. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to challenge yourself and feel exhilarated at the same time. Your first class is only $15, you won’t find a better workout for that price!

375 N. La Cienega Blvd, Suite # 1, Los Angeles, CA, 90048

Rise Nation

When you step into this studio, there’s no choice between leg day vs arm day. This 30 minute workout will hit every muscle in your body in one class by using The Climber, a piece of equipment that mimics a climbing motion. This movement works your whole body from your head to your toes. Unlike other cardio equipment you might find in the gym, the climbers are in a neutral position, meaning that your body has to do all of the work. Thought you couldn’t possibly get a good workout in just 30 minutes? Think again. Try out your first class for $26.

Location: 613 N. La Cienega Blvd. West Hollywood 90069

JFM Boxing

Warning, this is NOT your everyday cardio boxing classes! The small studio has an intimate feel with instructors who know what they’re talking about. The owner, Jordan, and his staff work with you tirelessly on proper form and technique, while incorporating some boot camp style exercises to give you an intense and complete workout. The class sizes are small, so there’s plenty of one-on-one attention and opportunity to perfect your craft! Your first class is free, so there’s no excuse not to stop by and blow off some steam at this amazing boxing club.

Location: 3127 Washington Blvd, Marina del Ray, CA 90292

Cirque School LA

Ever dream to be a circus performer? Well we can’t guarantee that Cirque School will get you a spot in Cirque du Soleil, but we can guarantee a great workout. Cirque School specializes in teaching the grandiose circus acts. Whether you want to contort your body into crazy forms or to soar high in the air on a trapeze, this school has your most adventurous exercise needs covered. Challenge yourself to perform the some of the tricks you see in the circus. Just make sure not to try these at home! Cirque School offers a safe space with professionals that will make sure you’re doing everything right!

Location: 5640 1/2 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028

S Factor

Two words: pole dancing. No, you don’t need to strip down to your underwear for this one. Pole dancing actually happens to be an incredible arm and ab workout! Get ready to step into this studio and feel unapologetically sexy. Move your body how you want without worrying about any judgement. This is one hard dance workout as you attempt to use all your strength to hold yourself on a pole. This is the perfect class to kick off a girls night out!

Location: 5225 Wilshire Blvd B, Los Angeles, CA 90036

There are tons of new ways to exercise that you may not have even heard about. Why not try something new every once in a while? Challenge your muscles and have fun while doing it! If you have another boutique studio that you highly recommend, let us know! We’re always looking for new workouts ourselves. Feel free to tweet us (@66Audio) what we should try next or how it goes when you check these places out. Stay tuned for the best free workouts in Los Angeles!