Must Have Activewear We've got you covered from head to toe

A good workout plan is crucial, but we all know the workout clothes you’re wearing are equally important. You shouldn’t have to fear your pants ripping during a stretch or constantly be wrestling with your active wear. Make your workouts hassle free with the best workout clothes out there. Not only will you have quality activewear, your confidence will be through the roof when you’re rocking the hottest fitness clothing.busting-fitness-myths-man-and-woman-training

With so many brands and options to choose from it’s hard to find exceptional workout clothes (for women and men), so we’ve gone ahead and done the research for you. We sorted through all the activewear out there, ranging from big mainstream brands to the smaller boutique workout gear startups. You’re sure to find something that fits your needs in our list of the best workout clothes!

Women’s Workout Clothes 

When it comes to women’s workout clothes, we know you ladies care about the best materials, but looking cute is also imperative! And let’s be honest, versatility is a must – workout leggings obviously have to double as going-out leggings.


The North Face Women’s Better Than Naked Short-Sleeve – $50

Runners, this is for you: we searched far and wide to bring you the most comfortable running shirt you haven’t tried yet. This North Face workout shirt dries quickly (necessary because yes, girls do sweat), is breathable in the heat, and has comfortable stitching for zero chance of chafing.

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YogaSmoga Yantra Tank – $55

To suit your yoga and pilates needs, check out YogaSmoga’s Yantra Tank (one of our favorite workout tanks) for a transformative yoga experience. This top won’t shift a centimeter when you’re holding your perfect handstand pose (Adho Mukha Vrksasana if you want to get technical). It fits perfectly on your hips and is made of sweat-wicking performance fabric leaving you feeling dry even after a hot yoga session!


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Skins A400 Women’s Compression Shorts – $99.99

Ever thought you could have technology in your shorts? Skins brings you just that with their A400 women’s shorts that keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cool. The built-in compression in these workout shorts target your glutes, leaving you less sore no matter how many miles you log. We trust these shorts when we run because they keep us comfortable while looking sleek.


Mizuno Phoenix Print 4.0 Shorts – $44.99

If shorts are your go-to workout gear, but you’re not an avid runner, Mizuno has you covered. Their Phoenix Print 4.0 Shorts are perfect for any workout from boxing to biking. These shorts have a 4 inch seam that’s designed to move with your body during any form of exercise. They are quick to dry and even have antimicrobial material to defend against those pesky and embarrassing natural odors.


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Vimmia X Impact Pant – $180

We all own plenty of leggings, but many of them cover the cute workout clothes factor and not so much the highly functional factor. If you’re looking for high compression pants, check out the Vimmia X Impact Pant. They’re made with a special yarn with infrared technology that transforms the heat you create from your workout into energy. The added benefits are decreased muscle vibration and improved blood flow and oxygenation to your muscles and tissue. With all these benefits packed into one pair of workout leggings, it’s well worth the steep price point.

Lululemon Pace Rival Crop – $88

No workout gear list is complete without some Lululemon leggings. With so many choices, it’s tough to decide how to get the biggest bang for your buck. Our current favorite is the Pace Rival Crop. It has medium rise for complete comfort and a handy three-pocket waistband to store your valuables. There are several color and print choices for these, so you’re sure to find a pair you like.  Plus, Lulu offers free tailoring!

Sports Bras 

Under Armour Protegée Bra – $49.99

For the slightly bustier woman, we get the struggle – it’s tough to find a sports bra that keeps your girls in place. Well, the search is finally over. Under Armour’s Protegée bra is a must with built in support and a zipper in the front so you can focus on your moves and not what is moving. Added bonus: it’s chafe-free and extremely breathable. Say hello to worry-free workouts. 

Alo Yoga Sunny Strappy Bra – $54

Headed to get coffee with the girls right after yoga? Alo Yoga’s Sunny Stappy Bra is perfect for transitioning from vinyasa flow to gossip and caffeine. Having cute bra straps peek through your tank is so in right now, and we haven’t found a lot of workout gear cuter than this bra. Also, they make a million colors, so you may as well buy 3 or 4 while you’re at it!

Men’s Workout Clothes

Workout clothes for men tend of have little variety, so we did some digging to find you the best workout gear that’s both comfortable and will up your fitness game. Not all workout clothes are created equal and we get it, shopping isn’t your thing. We’ve done the hard part, it’s just up to you to sweat it out!


Patagonia Short-Sleeved Fore Runner Shirt – $27

This is one of our favorite men’s workout shirts, and it’s a big bang for your buck. Patagonia’s Fore Runner shirt is perfect for everything from a grueling workout to running errands out and about. The slim fit cut is flattering and the odor control protecting you around the clock can’t be beat. This shirt also comes with no itchy tags and quick drying material for ultimate comfort.

Arc’teryx Motus Crew Long-Sleeve Shirt – $79

Prefer to workout in long sleeves? Arc’teryx’s crew long sleeve workout shirt is made with the top sweat-wicking material, cut for athletic performance, and chafe-free with flatlock seams. This shirt goes above and beyond by also protecting your skin from UV rays for worry-free outdoor activity. With the fall and winter seasons ahead, this is a must-get piece of workout gear.


Iffley Road Hampton Shorts – $89

The ideal pair of workout shorts would be as free flowing as basketball shorts while remaining light weight for endurance activities. It’s tough to find, but we struck gold when we found British workout gear company, Iffley Road. The beautiful Italian fabric makes these shorts both luxurious and practical. They have a soft mesh lining and side vents to keep you cool while you’re working up a sweat. These shorts will move with you no matter what activity you try to tackle!

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Jack Rabbit Men’s Smartwool Phd 2-in-1 Shorts – $44.97

If you like to exercise at night, Jack Rabbit’s Smartwool Phd 2-in-1 shorts are for you. Stay safe with the 360 reflective material that will keep you visible at all times. The design also features an inner short-tight to regulate temperature and moisture, while the external layer will protect you from the elements. Instead of traditional side pockets, they have a back pocket that zips to keep your keys and phone extra-safe.


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Pair of Thieves SuperFit Underpants – $20

Our favorite boxer briefs (for workout out and everyday wear) are by far Pair of Thieves’ SuperFit briefs. They’re the “best gift you can buy your junk”. Their state of the art material keeps everything in its place while the material feels soft and cool to touch. Easily breathable and quick drying make them the perfect underwear to wear to work, then straight to the gym. After trying one pair, you just might want to get them in every fun pattern. Can’t say we didn’t warn you!

men's activewear, workout gear

Saxx Kinetic Boxer – $28

Saxx’s Kinetic Boxers offer a fit that feels like a second skin while keeping everything in place. No one wants to worry about junk-security while working out! Put your faith in these boxers and all your worries will disappear. The compression fit helps blood circulation to your quads while keeping you cool.

The best workout clothes don’t end here, check out our Pinterest boards to see more of our favorites!