Top Inspiring People to Follow Instagram Inspiration!

Instagram is no longer just a place for over filtered photos of sunsets, cute puppies, and knees on the beach. It has become a place of community and is filled with inspirational people that are changing the world through positivity and healthy living. The health and fitness community on Instagram is huge — thanks to the thousands of fitness enthusiasts, trainers, and athletes that keep us posted on their day-to-day, there is no shortage of inspiration right at our fingertips (literally!). To get you started on your  journey, we have put together a list of our favorite inspirational people to follow on Instagram. Whether it’s motivational quotes and mantras, pro trainer tips and tricks, DIY home workouts, healthy recipes, or wanderlust’s that get you inspired, these Instagrammers will give you that extra push you need to reach all your fitness goals.

Daily Motivation

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Not only does Aubry Wiltcher provide major yoga inspiration by bending in ways we didn’t know were humanly possible, but her Instagram photos are breathtakingly gorgeous. Each photo is captioned with an empowering message of creativity and positivity that will make you stop and appreciate the little things every day, making her a perfect addition to your feed.

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Filled with beautiful photos of runners in dreamy locales, this account is captures the idea that running can be so much more than just exercise. If the motivating quotes and stunning pictures weren’t enough to remind you of all the good in the world, Race with Reason raises and donates money for various charities through their Instagram account. If you post a run or race and tag them along with the charity or disease you want to bring awareness to, you’ll earn money for a charity that supports that cause. Doesn’t get much more inspiring than that, right?

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Jessamyn, a Yoga teacher, brings a much needed freshness to the Yoga community. Her messages of body positivity and self-love are beyond inspiring and uplifting. She challenges stereotypes and breaks down barriers by speaking out about her fitness journey and the ups and downs that come along with it. Her strength and positivity are infectious and her account is a must-follow.

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Through bright and energetic photos of yoga poses, healthy eats, amazing quotes and inspirational sayings, Mind Body Green encourages an active, healthy, centered lifestyle. Their daily feed will remind you to take care of yourself and help keep you stress-free and calming when you need it most.

Training Tips and Advice

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Personal trainer and strength coach Bret Contreas, also known as the Glute Guy, is best known for his ability to helping sculpt some of Instagram’s best derrieres. With a Ph.D. in Sports Science he is definitely someone you want to take training tips from.

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Jessica Tondre, a RRCA run coach and blogger, shows us the beauty of getting involved in an Instagram community. Fairly new to the world of social media (she’s been steadily growing on Instagram since October), Jessica has become a inspiration in the online running community. By sharing her personal story, her workout tips, and making herself accessible for any questions fellow runners may have, she is a breath of fresh air amongst a sea of people looking to become “Instafamous.”

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Full of jaw dropping before and after photos, Kayla Itsines’ feed is incredible. As the creator of the BBG, or Bikini Body Guide, Kayla has inspired thousands of women to get active and fit while transforming their bodies and finding their healthiest selves. On her feed and blog you’ll find tips and advice on how to stay motivated and fight any feelings of discouragement you may have along your fitness journey.

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Adam Rosante, personal trainer and author of the book The 30-Second Body, is all about eating clean, training dirty, and living hard. He breaks down and showcases his signature style of high intensity 30-second intervals on his feed, along with happy selfies and encouraging words of wisdom.

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Jessi Kneeland is a personal trainer and women’s empowerment coach. Her unpretentious and down-to-earth account features photos and videos of her impressive weight lifting skills and yoga abilities. Her posts are always captioned with a break down of her workout routines accompanied with eloquent words of empowerment and encouragement that will inspire you to keep pushing yourself.

Home Workouts

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This account is a curated feed of the best home workouts for those who can’t make it to the gym. Since each post features a different account, you’ll be sure to discover new inspiring people who always have fresh and creative workouts to do at home.

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How do you get Nike Trainer and CrossFitter Will Arrufat to be your personal trainer for free? All you have to do is follow! With his sole mission being to “motivate and improve lives through exercise and fitness”, Will provides concise, simple, and intense WOD’s (workouts of the day) for your home exercise plan or to try out at the gym.

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Model turned personal trainer, Emily Skye gives us a case of major #fitspo. Amongst photos of her very enviable six pack, Emily posts instructional easy-to-follow videos of various exercise routines so you can follow along for a fun and rewarding at home workout.

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Natalie Jill  is a personal trainer and author of 7 Day Jump Start. Her fun and energetic daily video posts of simple at home exercise routines (no equipment required!) will have you feeling the burn and coming back for more. Her positive and upbeat posts will surely keep your mood up as you work up a sweat.

Adventure Club

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This mind-blowing account features photos off badass women from all over the world in some of the most beautiful landscapes you’ve ever seen. It’s hard not to get inspired as you vicariously through this world of wanderlust and travel to the highest mountaintop or follow along on a hike through the jungle. Before you know it you’ll be out of the house and on a hike of your very own!

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As the “world’s most versatile camera” it’s no surprise GoPro’s account is packed with amazing photos from athletes and dare-devils alike. One look at this feed full of insanely impressive feats and you’ll be running out the door in search of your next adventure.

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Next time you’re debating whether or not to turn on Netflix or go enjoy the great outdoors, just take a look at this feed and the decision will be made for you. With awe-inspiring photos of athletes, runners, bikers, etc. in beautiful landscapes, this account lives up to it’s slogan “the world is an open playground” and then some.


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