The Power of Music with JVKfit Don't Work Out Without It!

If you couldn’t already tell, we’re obsessed with music over here. Music truly has the power to affect us in ways we may never fully understand. But we do know it is scientifically proven to enhance and improve a workout, both mentally and physically. The right song can make or break your exercise routine, or even your day. The perfect playlist can motivate you to push yourself further than you ever have before, sometimes without even realizing it (c’mon, we’ve all gotten lost in the music before). Still need a little convincing? Take it from Jennifer Van Keuren, fitness guru and creator of JVKfit.

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Jennifer Van Keuren is a personal trainer and nutrition ambassador living in Colorado. She started JVKfit to help and inspire those who struggle balancing health and fitness through her philosophy that a healthy lifestyle is one “of moderation where you live your life feeling and looking your absolute best.” 

workout music, exercise music, pump up music

The Key Ingredient To Getting Through A Workout 

Ahhhhhhhhhh, the power of music.

One song can take you back to a carefree summer in your childhood, bring you to an exact moment decades ago or maybe remind you of the times you’ve tried so hard to forget. (There are a handful of songs I hate simply because they remind me of my awful freshman year of high school.)

One album can get you through a heartbreak (um, thank you Lauren Hill for getting me through my first breakup) and one song can make you think you are in love (lookin’ at you, John Legend). 

If you are anything like me then you need music to not only get you through a workday but through life.

I realized at a very young age (thanks to my mom’s love of music) that music playing throughout moments created a soundtrack for my life.  

Music adds emotion, nostalgia, and motivation as well as peace — the right music, that is.

workout music, exercise workout, pump up music

Years ago, I started paying attention to the significance certain music had to me. Ever since Spotify graced us with its amazing presence, I’ve started creating playlists for nearly everything I do.

The most influential playlist I’ve created is, by far, the music I listen to while I work out.

The other day I forgot my beloved 66 Audio headphones when I went to the gym and my workout was literally ruined. I checked the lost and found at my gym and borrowed some headphones from 2005. You know the plastic earbuds that don’t fit in your ears and HURT?

My usual 20 minute HIIT treadmill workout turned into a 15 minute light walk/jog and instead of my usual runners high, I was left feeling a little annoyed. All because I was basically listening to my music through what sounded like an AM radio station. 

Music not only increases your endurance and motivation while you are working out, but it distracts you from the fact that you are working out. 

workout music, pump up music, exercise workout

Studies prove that when people listen to music they run farther and faster and they bike longer than they would without it. Music reduces your perceived effort, in return, making working out more efficient and enjoyable.

So music – and the right headphones – are basically legal performance enhancement drugs.

I’ve even noticed that music works better on me than a pre-workout.

Selecting the right playlist for your workout is not always the easiest task. Spotify creates them but unfortunately the same Top 10 pop songs seem to be on every playlist. (whoever creates those lists are obviously the biggest Beliebers). When I’m “crushing” HIIT cardio I like upbeat songs but with a variety of tempo since I’m switching from high to low intensity throughout my workout. If you’ve ever done a HIIT workout, you know that sh*t is HARD. You need all the motivation you can get so I’ve created a playlist for your next cardio session.

Don’t suck at – or miss – another workout. Get my ultra-cool-sweat-busting workout playlist now!

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