It’s no secret, we have become more than reliant on our smart phones these days. And while we could all use a lesson in un-plugging from time to time, the smart phone epidemic has led to some pretty awesome apps. It’s seems that everyday a new one is popping up on the market  and filtering through to find the right (and cheapest) app for you can be an overwhelming task. So let us do the work for you! We’ve handpicked our favorite free apps that will fit all your possible fitness needs.



Fitstar Yoga

With this awesome app you’ll be able to take private yoga lessons with yoga star Tara Stiles. She leads you on tailored sessions depending on your level and timeframe. Perfect for honing your skills as a beginner or challenging yourself for the more advanced yogis.

Daily Yoga

Yoga made oh so easy! Sometimes It’s hard to get motivated to get on the mat everyday but with Daily Yoga you’ll have no more excuses. This app even tracks your progress and health stats as you grow, giving you that extra kick of motivation to keep at it!



Couch to 5K

Not a runner? Never been a runner? Always wanted to run a 5K but the ideas makes you cringe? No problem! This app will provide you with a training program that eases you into effortlessly running a 5K in two months. The goal of the app is to gradually get you to a point where you can run a 5K (and then more!) straight through safely and while having fun

Map My Run

With Map My Run you are able to use the GPS tracker on your smart phone to keep detailed stats on all of your fitness activities as you run, including pace, elevation, calories burned, etc. The fun interactive map keeps tracks of your routes and helps you plan for the next one. Helping you switch up your route with ease to keep it fun and fresh.



Digifit iCardio

Ever wanted your own personal trainer without breaking the bank? This app will keep track of all the relevant fitness activity from calories burned to how far you’ve ran as you break a sweat to the easy to follow interactive cardio lessons. You have workouts and information in the palm of your hand that allow you to be your own personal trainer.


Turn your phone into a heart rate monitor for free! Not only will it tell you your heart rate, but this app goes one step further to explain all the stats and numbers to you. Apply this information to your fitness goals and you’ll be unstoppable! Bonus! If you are usually in a crunch for time (get it?) this app also provides 7 minute workout exercises.


Total Body


If you are a beginner or just a visual learner try out this app. You can design a personalized video workout where a trainer walks you through each exercise; truly customizable from type of workout to level of skill to duration. No gym? No excuse! No workout requires equipment.

Pear Personal Coach

Ever wanted to be coached by Olympian, but thought it would only happen when pigs flew? Let us introduce you to a personal training app lead by Olympians and world-champs, in real time! Get motivated by some of the fittest people in the world!


Workout Music

Spotify Running

You might have an amazing Spotify library, but is it enough to keep you motivated while running? This free function of the app registers your tempo and gives you music to match the beat you run to. Here’s all the music you will ever need to keep your pace!

FIT Radio

Not a runner but workout a lot? Don’t waste your time and energy searching for music. Choose from one of this app’s playlists with over 45 genres! Focus on your workout and let FIT Radio be your DJ.


Fitness Community

Nike + Training Club

Aside from providing some of the best workout clothes, Nike also has you covered with one of the best workout apps. You can add your friends and build challenges to keep each other on track. Share your workouts on social media so others can help you celebrate your victories!


It’s like Facebook, but will make you step away from your computer and get active! You can follow other Fitocrats that enjoy an active way of life and inspire each other, compete, or just have a conversation.


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Meal Planning

Lose It!

Want to lose a little bit of weight but don’t know how to go about it? This app allows you to track your food intake and your fitness activity. Don’t have enough time to constantly be putting in what you eat? They made it simple and put in an in app barcode scanner to download the food information, so all you have to do is scan the package and the calories count themselves.

My Fitness Pal

This Under Amour app will be your trusty pal to follow day in and day out.  You can track what you eat and set goals for weight loss. Choose a weight loss plan and the app will tell you the caloric intake to meet. My Fitness Pal will help you set realistic goals and motivate you to keep at it.



Relax Melodies

Have trouble winding down  after a workout or falling asleep after a stressful day? Problem solved with this app. Choose from 50+ ambient sounds to put your mind at ease and lull you off to dreamland. If you know what sounds calm you, you can even make your own relaxing mix.


We often forget that mental health can be just as equally important as physical health.  With this app you can practice the mediation discipline in the comfort of your home and for free! The guided meditations on this app are great for after a long day at work or whenever you are feeling tense. Meditation made simple to help you focus, relieve anxiety, and reduce stress.