Best Healthy Hidden LA Restaurants Guilt Free Eating!

If you are foodies like we are, half of the fun of going out to eat is discovering unknown and exciting places to go, and when it comes to dining in Los Angeles, there is certainly no shortage of exceptional restaurants. However, combining adventurous eating and healthy eating can be a bit of a challenge (especially when it comes to taste). We at 66 Audio definitely love trying new things and uncovering hidden gems, so we have created a list of the best hidden, health conscious (and delicious) restaurants in Los Angeles that will keep you feeling and looking amazing.

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Au Lac – Tucked away in an unassuming corporate-esque strip mall is a one of the most creative and delicious plant-based restaurants in Los Angeles. Using only organic produce and the freshest natural ingredients, Au Lac creates Vietnamese inspired dishes that are not only healthy but satisfyingly beautiful as well. First started in Orange County, Au Lac owners opened their Downtown LA location about one year ago. By looking at the facade you would have no idea that inside is a full bar, a romantic dining area and a sectioned off theater area where you can see live music and Burlesque shows (making it perfect for date night!). In addition to being vegan and offering gluten free options, Au Lac also has a many raw food creations. Though the idea of raw food can be a little scary, Au Lac does it right. Keeping the food raw ensures none of the nutrients are cooked out, making it that much healthier. Try the Curried Rice (pictured above, and yes it comes in that heart), in which the rice is soaked instead of cooked, we promise you will not be sorry! Located at 710 West 1st St. Los Angeles, CA 90012

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Olga’s Naturally – Driving through the madness that is La Cienega Blvd it would be easy to zoom right past Olga’s, but if your eye catches the “Organic Coffee and Food” sign that points to the back of a small strip mall parking lot, you will not be disappointed. This casual Mexican eatery serves up the healthiest versions of our favorite classics. They offer both meat and vegan options on their menu, using organic produce and free-range, naturally fed animal products. Try the Tostada Bowl or the vegan Chicken Mole and to drink, one of their fresh squeezed juices or a cup of organic gourmet coffee, served all day. So next time you are craving authentic Mexican food, instead of running down to the greasy taco truck on the corner, try Olga’s! Located 3650 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016

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Shojin – Located on the third floor of the Little Tokyo Shopping Center, in a modest storefront with curtain drawn windows, surrounded by mall kiosks and kitschy Japanese restaurants, is Shojin. Upon entering you are transported to a dimly lit, romantic fine dining restaurant. The mission of Shojin is to “offer a community place, helping our guests understand the importance of eating habits to accomplish rich lifestyles,” and this can be seen in all aspects of the dining experience. The unique Japanese cuisine is vegan, macrobiotic, gluten free, natural and all organic. Start with the Stuffed Shiitake Mushrooms and you absolutely must try one of the vegan Sushi Rolls, or if available, splurge for the 8-course tasting menu to get a taste of everything Shojin has to offer. Located at 333 S. Alameda St. Suite 310. Los Angeles, CA 90013.

vegetarian food, vegan food, healthy food, los angeles restaurants

Powerplant Super Food Nestled in between strip malls and ever changing businesses, is a petite, fast casual gem serving up healthy and oh so satisfying grub. You could say that Powerplant Superfood is hiding in plain sight, located on a non-flashy strip of Pico Blvd. But once inside, you know you are in for a treat. Powerplant’s menu is organic and gluten-free and offers plenty of vegetarian and vegan options; taste and portion size do not disappoint here. Stop in for a quick healthy breakfast (served all day!) and get the Smoked Salmon Scramble with one of their signature fresh-pressed juices. Or try the Superfood Salad with homemade avocado-ginger dressing, it’s packed with fresh veggies and their house nut-blend protein that will leave your belly and your tastebuds more than satisfied. Located at 5761 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019

vegetarian food, vegan food, healthy food, healthy recipes, los angeles restaurants

Organix Organix is located inside a small shopping center in Eagle Rock, and if walking by you may think it is just another specialty health-food market. And while it is every health nut’s dream grocery store (hello, it has a vegan deli!), it is also an amazing restaurant. Tucked away in the back of the store is a kitchen serving organic, plant-based deliciousness. Making it an amazing experience where you can enjoy top-notch organic, plant-based food and also purchase said ingredients right there! Given that it is a market, seating is very limited but don’t let that deter you. Here you will be able to experience all the joys of a burger or a deli sandwich, without any of the guilt. We suggest the Castro Burger, made from Butternut Squash, Black Beans, Quinoa, Pumpkin Seeds, Oats and tons of herbs and spices. Or try one of the items from their “Vegan Mexicatessen” menu, where meat is substituted for marinated Jackfruit or Mushrooms. And don’t forget about the juice bar, where you can detoxify and reboot with a custom fresh pressed juice.  Located at 1731 Colorado Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90041

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Green Temple Vegetarian Restaurant– Hidden inside an inconspicuous courtyard at the Riviera Village shopping center of Redondo Beach, you’ll find Green Temple, an eco-friendly foodies dream. The Asian-inspired menu boasts farm to table organic produce from local farms, fresh squeezed juices, and plant-based cuisine. Their quaint, tranquil patio filled with lush foliage and various Buddha statues will have you feeling relaxed and restored. Not only will you being doing your mind, body and soul a favor, you will also be helping out Mother Earth; Green Temple only uses sustainable, biodegradable products that will not damage the environment. Zen out with a housemade Kombucha and a Green Temple Bowl, with all the organic veggies and proteins you want, topped with their signature tofu sauce. Located at 1700 S Catalina Ave #103. Redondo Beach, CA 90277

vegetarian food, vegan food, healthy restaurants, los angeles restaurants

Make Out – Bet the name of this one caught your attention. Contrary to what you might think you won’t be seeing a bunch of lip locked couples at this establishment. Nestled behind the old historic Culver City Hotel, Make Out creates a light and trendy ambiance. With the open store front you’ll be able to enjoy the SoCal sun right from your table. You can choose from a lengthy menu of juices and smoothies and enjoy it with a raw entree. Don’t think you won’t be full after a meal. These entrees are jam packed with the powerful nutrients you need. But if by chance you do have a little room left you can end with one of their incredible plant-based dairy-free sweets. We recommend pairing the Venice juice with the guacamole wrap and topping off with a  macaroon. Not to mention, you’ll be down the street from Sony Pictures Studios, and who knows, you might run into a celebrity! Located at 9426 Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90232.


vegan food, vegetarian food, healthy restaurants, los angeles restaurants

Localita & the Badasserie – The spin-off of Locali, a vegan friendly deli and self-proclaimed “conscious convenient store”, Localita & the Basasserie is just that, badass. Located in a teeny tiny take-out space in a Downtown LA office building lobby with minimal signage, it is one of those “you have to know to know it” places, and how badass is that right? Inside you’ll find various vegan spins on comfort food favorites, like the classic Reuben sandwich and the BLT . But if you do not want to break your diet, and we definitely don’t want to break ours, we would suggest starting off your day with an Apple Flax smoothie and a Dragon Fruit Chia Breakfast Bowl or stopping in for lunch to get the Naughty and/or Nice Kale Quinoa Bowl. Located at 817 South Los Angeles Street, 1st Floor Lobby, The Academy Award Clothing Building. Los Angeles, California 90014