20 Minute HIIT with Mel Get Toned at Home!

We all know how difficult it is to fit in a good workout during a busy week. Sometimes the most you can spare is 20 minutes (that’s basically the time it takes to get out the door!). So, we reached out to Melissa Kwan, the expert in staying fit quickly and efficiently without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Fit female athlete ready to run over grey background. Female fitness model preparing for a sprint.

Melissa Kwan is from Perth, Australia and is the creator of Lifestyle by Mel, a fitness and lifestyle blog that focuses on “training smarter, not harder” through balanced and effective workout routines, health tips, and recipes. She is a qualified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, emphasizing in high intensity exercises, yoga and strength training.

20 Minute HIIT with Mel 

I’ve always been a huge HIIT advocate, so I am creating an eBook offering a 12 week program that will start off slow, then work up to longer and more intense workouts which will quickly have you sweating, panting, and feeling stronger than ever. It will incorporate my favorite moves in a structure that is effective and developmental, allowing you to get fit without having to commit hours a day to the gym. Stay tuned for the launch of my eBook and in the meantime, get started with this 20 minute HIIT workout below!

Complete each exercise for 40 seconds and rest for 20 seconds.

Repeat the circuit 4 times.

Side to side jumps over bench

Copy of Side to side squat jump over bench 1 copy

In out squat jumps over bench

Copy of In out jump squat over bench 2 copy

[KB] V-sit pass throughs

Copy of KB pass through 1 copy

Boat pose tucks

Copy of Boat pose tuck 1 copy Copy of Boat pose tuck 2 copy

Bear crawls



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