Best Rainy Day Workouts No equipment needed!

Let’s be honest, unless you live in California (yes, we will take a minute to gloat), June doesn’t necessarily guarantee blue skies and sunshine. Well even if we’re lucky enough to be in sunny SoCal, we sympathize, so we’re here to offer a solution to those rainy June Gloom days that keep you from making it to the gym: a full-body home workout, guaranteed to make you sweat, no equipment required.

Before you break out those swimsuits and hit the pool or head on a tropical vacation, why not spend sometime on that beach bod?  We have created the best five quick engaging exercises for glutes, abs, legs, and arms.

Like any other workout, it is important to begin with stretching. We want you to look good after working out, not be in pain. Protect your muscles and make sure to put in a good 5-10 minutes to stretch. Switch up the stretches every 30 seconds.

Now that you are nice and limber, time to get your heart rate up. The benefits of getting your heart rate up are increased blood flow and burning more calories. Who can complain about burning too many calories? There’s no such thing. If anything the goal is to burn as much as possible. Here’s a great video to get that blood flow up.


Now it is time to start your workout! The following circuits are broken up into categories for your convenience. If you have an area you really want to invest time in, feel free to focus on that and do 5 rounds of that one circuit. If not, we generally do the whole workout three times.

Circuit 1: Glutes  Because who doesn’t want an ass like, Jen Selter? Check out her sight for more challenges.

at home workout,

20 Plié Squats


10 Squat Kicks (each leg)


25 Donkey Kicks (each leg)

100 Hip Bridges

25 Fire Hydrants (each leg)

25 Fire Hydrants (each leg)

Circuit 2: Abs  Making your six pack dreams come true.


50 Flutter Kicks


50 Crunches


25 Planking side crunches (each side)


60 Russian Twists


60 second Plank

Circuit 3: Legs – here’s to lean legs that look like they go on for days.


20 Squats


20 Lunges (each leg)

25 Pistol squats (each leg)

25 Pistol squats (each leg)


60 second Wall Sit

Circuit 4: Arms – shake that ass, not those arms.

20 Tricep Dips

20 Tricep Dips


10 Wide Pushups (you can substitute with double kneeling pushups)

5 Burpees

5 Burpees

30 up-up-down-down Planks

30 up-up-down-down Planks

40 Jumping Jacks

40 Jumping Jacks

And there you have it, a pre-made home workout just for you on rainy days or if you just don’t feel like leaving home. We’ve all been there. Repeat all four circuits 3 times while resting for a minute in between. Or do each of the 4 circuits once. Any combination works as long as you’re sweating and feeling your muscles burn! Enjoy!