Hitting the Target: Glutes Best Glutes Workout Ever!

Sure, you can buy a great pair of pants that compliments your butt, but what if that behind looked good in anything? Aside from a plump derrière being appealing, there are actually many benefits of having strong glutes. Turning heads at the beach is just an added bonus.

Strong glutes reduce the risk of injury to your back, knees, hamstrings, and groin muscles. Did you know that most back pain stems from having weak glutes? We have prepared an entire workout for you to burn that booty fat and start building muscle. This workout may not be for the faint of heart but the satisfaction you’ll get after completing it will be well worth the work.

Circuit complete twice

1. 50 donkey kicks each side

50 kettle bell swings

2. 50 kettle bell swings

3. 20 step ups with a high knee

4. 50 fire hydrants each side


5. 30 crossovers each side

6. 20 curtsey squats each side

7. 100 hip bridges


Looking for an extra challenge? Use a dumbbell for the donkey kicks, fire hydrants, and crossovers by placing it right behind your knee and engaging your muscles to hold it in place. For the hip bridges, grab a weight plate and put it on top of your hips. Start with lighter weights avoid hurting yourself then work your way up to the heavier ones as your behind gets stronger.

Do this workout two or three times a week and you will see your glutes start to lift in no time. Each week you will be getting closer to a bootylicious behind that’ll look great and help protect the rest of your body. Give it a try and tweet your before and after pics to us @66Audio!