How to Workout on Vacation It's Easier Than You Think

Our Top 5 Tips on how to Exercise Away from Home

We get it, going on vacation can totally screw up your gym routine. You’ve been working hard for months to look bangin’ for your trip and now all of a sudden, just a quick 2 weeks can set you back months. Instead of letting all that hard work go to waste, why not maintain while you’re away?

Our tips will not only help you stay in shape while on vacation, but also let you enjoy new (and fattening) foods without feeling guilty! (No one’s judging you for that extra scoop of gelato. As the saying goes, when in Rome…)

Adjust your regime. Since you won’t be going to your normal gym, don’t set your vacation workout expectations too high. No one has time for 2 hours a day in the gym while trying to explore a new place. Try quick and efficient 30 minute workouts in a hotel gym or find a gorgeous view to do some yoga.


Be Prepared. Chances are you’ll be on the move 24/7 exploring a new city, so may as well kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Make sure you pack clothes that are comfortable and stylish enough for the day, but will work for a killer sweat sesh the next morning, too. Your cute tennis shoes are not only a workout essential, but they’ll keep your feet comfortable when your college friends insist on doing that 30 mile bike tour. And come on, aren’t leggings standard around-the-town gear anyway? (If you’re like us, you live in gym clothes, so this is an easy one!)


Pack light. We’re not suggesting you eliminate your suitcase dedicated to shoes, but there should definitely be room somewhere for a resistance band or jump rope. They’re the perfect fitness tools for travel — you can use them anywhere (even in your hotel room!) and they won’t add weight to your bags.



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Choose your mode of transportation. Especially in Europe, driving a car is more of a hassle than walking. Opting to walk allows you to get those steps in and be around the locals. You never know where a road might take you or who you’ll meet. Why not get a little lost and find a road less traveled?

Adventure out of you comfort zone! Every place you go will boast some sort of activity that is unique to the location. Exercise can be fun, you know. Going to a tropical location? Go for a swim or snorkel. Are beautiful mountain ranges your thing? Go on an adventurous hike. There are endless ideas, all you have to do is look!

We want to here the craziest experiences you’ve ever had on vacation!

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