Best Group Fitness Classes Get out of your comfort zone!

Need to spice up your workouts? Try these new group fitness classes!

We don’t know about you guys, but our standard gym workouts get stale pretty quick. When we want to switch things up, we turn to group fitness classes for a little re-invigoration. With a wave of new group fitness studios and classes popping up everywhere, we’ve combed through to find some of the most interesting and fun group workout classes that will motivate you and even teach you something new.



SoulCycle has long been our cardio go-to. This puts a fun spin (pun intended) on traditional indoor cycling classes. Every class is blasting the latest music with an instructor guaranteed to be bubbling with energy, making it the most motivating sweat party ever. SoulCycle fanatics are so addicted, they’ll schedule their work around class times! We consider it the group fitness equivalent of crack. With your first bike dance party starting at only $20 why not strap in and give SoulCycle a try?

Know before you go: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Anyone who’s been to a spin class knows you’ll end up drenched in sweat. Make sure you bring plenty of water and a towel to wipe off while riding.


SurfSet Fitness

Have you always dreamed of learning how to surf but live in a land locked state? SurfSet has a solution for you. This is a one-of-a-kind group fitness class on a surfboard, off the water. The workout is full body, demanding everything that surfing would in the ocean without getting your hair wet. And if you do want to take your new talents to the ocean, the skills you learn here are totally applicable. Classes start at $25, so get ready to shake things up and see if you can hang ten.

Know before you go: Dress like you’re wearing a wetsuit, but for land. Try tight fitting Pilates and yoga clothes to avoid tripping over yourself. Also, just like in the water, you get to ditch your shoes – how authentic!



Want to be like those badass weight lifters who flip tires and hit the battle ropes? CrossFit will make that happen. Their group classes are meant to push you to your brink and produce results through high-intensity training. These small bootcamps workouts will test your mental strength while building physical strength. Who knows, you might get hooked and find yourself competing in the CrossFit Games one day.

Know before you go: Don’t be shy! Feel free to speak up and ask questions when you need. Getting the form down is everything before building. Don’t be intimidated by the rep count, it is not a competition with others, only yourself.



TRX (aka Total Body Resistance Exercise) delivers a full body workout by using gravity and your own body weight. The first time we tried this, we weren’t sure if we’d make it to work the next day. But own that next day soreness like a trophy because the improvements will follow. Don’t worry, we thought about quitting, too, but embrace the burn and power through. Remember — no pain, no gain!

Know before you go: If you love TRX but don’t want to spring for a bunch of group classes, you can always purchase the equipment and do it at home! The suspension trainers are lightweight and compact, so they’re perfect to take on vacation, too.


Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is definitely one of the more entertaining classes we’ve done and a must-do if you’ve been itching to try something new. You’ll spend the class using a soft hammock suspended from the ceiling as a prop for yoga poses that relax the body and mind. Be prepared to really build your arm strength here, as you’ll be using your shoulders and arms to pull your body weight up to get into poses. (Yes, this is an actual workout, not just fun and games!) Twirling in the air is sure to bring out the child in you, and don’t worry, no acrobatic experience required. Fair warning — you’ll have so much fun, you might get lost in the moment like we almost did and end up on the floor!

Know before you go: Wear tight fitting clothes, shirts that cover your forearms completely and tights that aren’t see-through (sharing is not caring here). Leave the jewelry at home to avoid snags. Some people get a little dizzy their first time, so bring lots of water! Extra bonus: many studios will let you play around with the hammocks and take pics after class!



Yearn for a dancer’s lean, strong body, but lack rhythm? Barre class will get you there with no ballet experience required. The choreographed classes combine yoga, Pilates, and dance. That’s basically 3 classes for the price (and time) of one! And men, yes we are talking to you, by no means is this “too girly”. We know you want toned calves, too. Just ask NBA star Kent Bazrmore, who even hosted his own class mid-season.

Know before you go: Tutu not required. But you’ll want to dress the part with leggings for those open-legged exercises. Also suggested are socks with a grip, which most studios have available for purchase.

Workout class call Pound at the club Crunch on Jun. 11, 2012. Founders Kirsten Potenza(in green) an

POUND – Rockout

Rock out while you workout! POUND is the latest fitness trend — you get an intense sweat-dripping cardio sesh while feeling like a rockstar by banging on the floor with drumsticks. Be prepared to get a full body workout as you’ll be spending time on the floor working on your abs as well as doing a lot of squats and lunges that require you to get low enough to whack the floor with your drumsticks. Your arms will get toned from drumming rapidly the entire class (the instructors encourage you to make as much noise as possible!). The drumming propels you through the workout and keeps your mind off all the intense reps you’re powering through. POUND will not only get you a killer body, but you’ll be able to hit the dance floor with your newfound rhythm, too! It’s basically The School of Rock, but for exercise. You know we believe in the power of music!

Know before you go: No music ability required and drumsticks are provided. Pound has designed their own drumsticks, Ripstix, for their classes. Don’t be afraid to find your rhythm!

What are you waiting for? Look for the closest studio near you and give one or all of these classes a try. Don’t forget to share your experiences with us in the comments or tweet us @66Audio!