5 Ways Stick to Your Workout Plan We'll keep you on track!

Struggling to get to the gym regularly? We’ve got your back!

Mustering up the motivation to get your butt into the gym is hard enough as it is. Sticking to your routine is a whole other story. It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed by all the different kinds of equipment and types of workouts available, not to mention seeing everyone else looking like a seasoned pro. Giving up and staying home with a few beers always seems easier. If you’re just trying to get back in the swing of things, here are a five quick tips to get you started and maximize your time.

Determine your goals. Before you even go, decide which muscles and body parts you want to work on. Do you want to bulk up your legs? Tone your arms? Get that six-pack you’ve always dreamed of? Work on your endurance? Knowing what changes you want to see in your body before you go will allow you to jump straight into the right exercises without having to waste time thinking about it.


Do research. Once you’ve set your goals, it’s time to find the right workouts to help you achieve them. With so many free workout apps, fitness bloggers, and Pinterest boards, you don’t even need to drop the dough on a personal trainer. We love the Nike Training Club app which comes loaded with workouts for every body part. Poke around online and see what works for you. Upload workouts on your phone before you head to the gym to save time!


Set a schedule. The best way to stick to a workout plan is by making it part of your daily routine. Be realistic as to how many days you’ll make it to the gym, then block out times in your schedule specifically for working out, just like you would for a meeting or conference call. No need to force yourself to go every single day, just make each workout count! And don’t forget to schedule rest days so your body can recover.


Find a workout buddy. Still having a hard time sticking to your gym schedule? Find a friend to hold you accountable. Scheduling workouts together means you’ll not only be letting yourself down, but your friend, too, if you bail. Added bonus: you’ll have someone to spot you with heavy weights and people watch with during your cool down!

Never give up! Going to the gym can be intimidating, especially if you don’t feel like you’re in great shape. But the key is to stick with it and you’ll see positive changes! Don’t beat yourself up if you missed a day or don’t feel like you gave it your all. Just go extra hard next time. Remember, “I regret that workout”, said no one, EVER.

Starting and maintaining a regular workout schedule can be a tough task, but it’s always worth it once you’ve made it part of your routine. No matter where you start, it’s possible!